Summer Schedule

“Faith comes by hearing and hearing through the Word of Christ.” Romans 10:17

Weekly Summer Schedule (until Labor Day)


6:30 PM Campfire Bible Study at Trinity – bring a camp chair, a Bible, and a snack if you wish.

In the side yard near the garage side of the parking lot.   (We’ll go inside if it rains.)   We will be studying the Gospel of John.


9:00 AM – Divine Service with Holy Communion at Trinity

11:00 AM – Divine Service at Bethel Lutheran Chapel in Presque Isle, WI (non-communion)


6:30 PM – Midweek Divine Service with Holy Communion (sung liturgy; Chalice Only, no individual cups, we will have organist accompaniment)

Take advantage of this service is you have to work weekends or are up in the north woods on vacation during the week.   This will run through Labor Day weekend.