Pastoral Notice for Trinity Lutheran Church in These Challenging Times




March 18, 2020

Greetings in the Name of Christ our Good Shepherd and Lord!

We worship the Lord who conquered sin and death and fear.   He has routed the devil and all his legion.   In these late times of the world we are reminded that the devil’s time is short.   We live in a fallen world with perils to body and soul.   The Church is sent forth into this world with the holy Word and Sacraments of Christ to proclaim and deliver forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and salvation.

As we function in this world we live under the two ways God exercises authority in this world – through the civil law and good order, and through the proclamation of the Gospel.   Under the civil order we have been asked to minimize exposure to the pandemic virus with certain restrictions.   While we may have questions about this, for the time being we will do our best by God’s grace to work with such standards from the state.

For the sake of being somewhat concise, I’ve tried to convey the important information below in outline form.


  1. Please follow the best health guidelines available for your own health and for the protection of your neighbor. Please be aware of your own particular vulnerabilities of health.
  2. Please let Pastor Frahm and/or the elders know if you suspect you have the virus or if you are diagnosed or hospitalized. Please reach Pastor Frahm at 715-904-0642 or his email:
  3. For the time being we will follow this procedure:
    1. Pastor Frahm will be available for devotions/Holy Communion visits at church or at your home upon request/arrangement. If you suspect you may have been exposed to the virus please let him know.
    2. Devotional materials have been set out on a table in the narthex at church. Let us know if you need something mailed to you (Portals of Prayer, etc.)
    3. The following resources are also available for non-sacramental services from home:
      1. Worship Anew program – – Channel 377 DirectTV – this programmed is recorded on campus at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN.
      2. Lutheran Public Radio – – sacred music
  1. Issues Etc Lutheran Radio program
  2. Chapel Services online from Concordia Theological Seminary
  3. The Lutheran Hour Radio program: (
    1. WRVM 103.9, 106.3 FM & 107.1 Phelps/Eagle River/Land O’ Lakes – Sunday at 10:00 AM
    2. WJMS – 590 AM & 92.1 Ironwood MI – Sunday at 8:30 AM
  • Higher Things for Lutheran youth.
  • Several of these resources also have audio streaming apps for iPhone and Android Phones. Look up “Lutheran Public Radio” or “KFUO” in the App store for either type of phone.
  1. Services at Trinty are cancelled until at least Palm Sunday to allow time to monitor developments. Presently I am hoping to resume services with extra precautions for Holy Week and Easter, but that is tentative at this point.   Again, please note that barring certain health conditions, Pastor Frahm can either come to your home or meet your family at church for an abbreviated Divine Service in either the sanctuary or the Bible Study room at Trinity.
  2. Please also remember the congregation as a whole in your prayers.
  3. NOTE: Please also consider dropping off or mailing your offering to church during this time of being away from our regular Divine Service gatherings.
  4. Our church library also has edifying resources for your faith.
  5. Take this opportunity to spend time in the Bible, the Catechism, and the hymnal for your household devotions. If you need additional resources, they can also be shipped to you from Concordia Publishing House ( or 1-800-325-3040).
  6. Watch the Trinity web page, the Trinity Facebook page, or call, email, or text Pastor Frahm for updates. I can receive calls and texts at 715-904-0642.   Or email me at
  7. Please help pass along word about these things. I will also post materials in the narthex entry area at church as well as make materials available on the narthex table.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you always.   Amen.

Pastor Frahm