Recommended Devotional Resources for Home – Electronic


For those of you who have such devices as an iPhone, iPad, or and Android Based smart phone or Android based tablet you can purchase a very helpful and easy to use devotional resource for home that provides readings and other resources within a short prayer order that is closely connected with our hymnal, Lutheran Service Book (order one here for home use).   And it helps you keep tied in to the church year calendar.   I commend this helpful resource to you.   We also use it at home.   It is from the LCMS Publisher, Concordia Publishing House.   It is called PrayNow.  You can also use the “app store” app on your device.

Link to Android Version (CLICK HERE – Google Play)

Link to Android Version (CLICK HERE – Amazon)

Link to iOS/Apple Version for iPhone or iPad (CLICK HERE).

Link to Concordia Publishing House page about this app for daily prayer.

IF YOU PREFER A SIMILAR PRINT RESOURCE THAT IS ROBUST do check out the print book that this app is based upon.   It is also available from Concordia Publishing House.   It is called the Treasury of Daily Prayer (CLICK HERE).   It contains Scripture readings built into orders of service, catechism excerpts, sermon excerpts, many prayers, and is rooted also the church year calendar.   I commend it highly. If you would like the option of sung music for the liturgies in Treasury of Daily Prayer I commend the CD or digital version of Evening and Morning: The Music of Lutheran Daily Prayer (CLICK HERE). You can also buy a version of this on the iTunes/Apple Music store for your device in digital format.

Also, Pastor Frahm will also be emailing out a weekly sermon/devotional for those who give him their email addresses.   Just email him at if you want to be on that list.   He will also attach weekly News & Notes.   Pray that the Lord will bless, protect, and lead us to restored Divine Services together soon.   The Lord bless and keep you!

Other helpful apps:

ESV (English Standard Version) Bible app

LCMS Catechism app for Apple iOS

LCMS Catechism app for Android OS

Lutheran Public Radio app for Apple iOS – iPhone & iPad

Lutheran Public Radio app for Android OS devices