The Divine Service: Its History and Theology

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Lincoln, Nebraska is currently using a Bible study on the history and theology of the historic liturgy written by Pastor Frahm. The pastors at Good Shepherd in Lincoln are leading the study discussion. If you were not taught much on the liturgy when you were growing up, take the time to learn more of the meaning of the historic liturgical orders and our heritage not only as Lutherans but as those in line with Christians of the ancient church.

If it does not work to play it on this web page, click through directly to YouTube and it should work there.

Local Public Service Announcement – time-sensitive

The town of Boulder Junction Economic Development board has been working for some time on expanding broadband internet access for our area. The deadline for upgrade is approaching. Broadband internet is used for business, telecommuting, tele-medicine for doctor appointments, entertainment, on-demand music and tv streaming, and uses greater bandwidth than merely a basic web page or email service. Go to this link below for more information before the upcoming deadline at the end of October, 2020:


New Bible study Sept 27

We will resume our Sunday morning Bible study sessions on Sept. 27th (about 10:30 AM after Divine Service) with a study on the topic of church and state, Christian citizenship, and religious freedom. Join us!

And they continued steadfastly in the Apostles’ doctrine and fellowship in the breaking of the bread and in the prayers. Acts 2:42

In the midst of everything going on in society and the world-at-large, it is crucial that we keep our eyes fixed upon Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. It is important that we, the branches, remain connected to Christ, the Vine, through the means of grace in the Divine Service. Join us Sunday mornings to hear the life-giving Gospel and be nourished in the resurrected body and blood of Jesus at 9:00 AM. We have catechism instruction available for youth or adults (even retired age) by arrangement with the pastor.

Visit Trinity during fall color season!

As we have now passed Labor Day weekend, we have concluded services at Bethel Lutheran Chapel in Presque Isle until next summer.

Join us for Divine Service at Trinity, Boulder Junction at 9:00 AM

Stay tuned for possible beginning of Sunday Bible study as well.