Resources on religious exemptions for vaccine mandates

Pastorally, it is urged those who are considering Covid-19 vaccination to be fully informed on the bioethical considerations of the development and testing of vaccines as well as the experimental nature of new mRNA technology as well as the additives involved. Even after considering the bioethics of the injections there are other safety and effectiveness, as well as long-term side-effects questions to be considered as stewards of the body given to us as creatures made in the image of God. Pastorally it is urged to use Scripturally-sound reasoning in consideration of proposed or imposed coercive measures (mandates) in these matters involving civil authority, and where the constitution, common law, natural law, and respect for informed consent and bodily integrity are involved. Submission to authority always has conditions defined by the nature of the particular human office of authority under God’s ultimate authority and as He has spoken in His word as well as in the proper design and use of His creation. Authorities in concrete reality have defined terms and limitations of authority – such as the constitution, oath of office, bylaws, or in the church, biblical and confessional subscription.

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