Summer Schedule

Starting weekend of June 23/24, 2018


6:30 PM – Campfire Bible Study – side yard at Trinity

(Bring a Bible, camp chair, and a snack, if you wish)


9:00 AM – Divine Service at Trinity Lutheran Church, Boulder Junction, WI

11:00 AM – Service of the Word at Bethel Lutheran Chapel, Presque Isle, WI

(non-Communion service)


6:30 PM – Divine Service at Trinity (chalice/common cup only)  – starting June 27

We WILL have Wednesday service on July 4.

(Will repeat hymns and sermon from previous Sunday)

Guests and visitors are asked to speak with the Pastor prior to approaching the altar for the Lord’s Supper.   Ordinarily we practice altar fellowship with currently confirmed members of LCMS congregations or those of our fellowship.   Instruction is available with the pastor for those who would like to join our LCMS fellowship.

Trinity Lutheran Church and Bethel Lutheran Chapel use Lutheran Service Book (CPH, 2006) for liturgy and hymns.

Clean Up Days

Saturday, June 2 at 9 am – Trinity Yard Clean Up

Tuesday, June 5 at 9 am – Clean Up at Bethel Lutheran Chapel in Presque Isle

Come and help us get ready for the summer months!

Painting Project

This summer Trinity, Boulder Junction will undertake a church exterior painting project.    If your budget allows, we invite donations beyond your regular offerings to help offset the expense of this project.    If you would like to donate toward this project you can drop off or mail a check to the following:

Trinity Lutheran Church

PO Box 24

Boulder Junction, WI  54512

Please note in the check memo that the check is for “painting project.”   Thank you!

Upcoming at Trinity

Maundy Thursday Divine Service with Stripping of the Altar

6:30 PM

Good Friday Tenebrae Vespers

6:30 PM


Easter Breakfast

Starting at 7:00 AM

Easter Divine Service
9:00 AM

Lenten Schedule at Trinity


Ash Wednesday Divine Service – Feb 14, at 6:30 PM

(Potluck Supper – 5:00 PM)

Midweek Lenten Vespers – Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

(Simple Suppers at 5:30 PM)

Maundy Thursday Divine Service  – 6:30 PM

Good Friday Tenebrae Service – 6:30 PM

2017 Advent and Christmas at Trinity…

Midweek Advent Vespers

Wednesday 6, 13, 20 at 6:30 PM – sermon series, Catechetical Review of the Apostles’ Creed

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Morning – 9:00 AM – Children’s Christmas Service within Divine Service of Holy Communion (Fourth Sunday in Advent)

Christmas Eve – 4:00 PM – Christmas Eve Candle Light Vespers

Christmas Day

Christmas Day – 9:00 AM – Christmas Day Divine Service with the Lord’s Supper


Let us bless the Lord.  Thanks be to God!

Thanksgiving Eve Vespers will be held at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, November 22.

Deuteronomy 8:2ff

And you shall remember the whole way that the Lord your God has led you these forty years in the wilderness, that he might humble you, testing you to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep his commandments or not. And he humbled you and let you hunger and fed you with manna, which you did not know, nor did your fathers know, that he might make you know that man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word[a] that comes from the mouth of the Lord. Your clothing did not wear out on you and your foot did not swell these forty years. Know then in your heart that, as a man disciplines his son, the Lord your God disciplines you. So you shall keep the commandments of the Lord your God by walking in his ways and by fearing him. For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and springs, flowing out in the valleys and hills, a land of wheat and barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive trees and honey, a land in which you will eat bread without scarcity, in which you will lack nothing, a land whose stones are iron, and out of whose hills you can dig copper. 10 And you shall eat and be full, and you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land he has given you.

11 “Take care lest you forget the Lord your God by not keeping his commandments and his rules and his statutes, which I command you today, 12 lest, when you have eaten and are full and have built good houses and live in them, 13 and when your herds and flocks multiply and your silver and gold is multiplied and all that you have is multiplied, 14 then your heart be lifted up, and you forget the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery, 15 who led you through the great and terrifying wilderness, with its fiery serpents and scorpions and thirsty ground where there was no water, who brought you water out of the flinty rock, 16 who fed you in the wilderness with manna that your fathers did not know, that he might humble you and test you, to do you good in the end. 17 Beware lest you say in your heart, ‘My power and the might of my hand have gotten me this wealth.’ 18 You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day. 19 And if you forget the Lord your God and go after other gods and serve them and worship them, I solemnly warn you today that you shall surely perish. 20 Like the nations that the Lord makes to perish before you, so shall you perish, because you would not obey the voice of the Lord your God.

Reformation 500th Anniversary

On Sunday October 29th, we mark our official celebration of the beginning of the Lutheran Reformation when Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany.   1517 was just the beginning of the decades of the Lutheran Reformation.

There were other reformations as well:  the Calvinist reformation, the radical reformation, and the Counter-Reformation of the Roman Catholic Church.   There would be other splinters later – Arminians and Wesleyans, and other radical protestant groups.   But we celebrate the conservative Lutheran Reformation which sought only to reform what needed to be reformed in accordance with Holy Scripture.

Join us Sunday, October 29th at 9:00 AM for Divine Service

If you like, many will be wearing red to celebrate the occasion.  Red is the liturgical color for Reformation Day.    You are encouraged to take out your copy of Luther’s Small Catechism and review the treasures restored to the church there in summary form.